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Here you can hear, see, and learn about the Top 100 Western Songs of All Time, as chosen by members of the Western Writers of America. The hearing and seeing are done on YouTube, and the learning is done through Wikipedia and lyrics on this site.
The site has many features to help you explore the songs, from #1 (Ghost Riders in the Sky) to #100 (The Master's Call). Click the button below to see them.
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About the buttons at the top of the page...
All Songs shows a master list of song titles, sorted by rank or alphabetically. You can click on any title to play the song and see detailed information about it, or you can click on an arrow just to play it.
Songs 1-20, etc. show detailed information about the songs, with entries for 20 songs per page. Each group of songs is on a playlist that can be played from beginning to end, or shuffled at your option. Each song's entry includes:
Links to two YouTube versions of the song, usually performed by two different artists
Lyrics from the first of those versions, carefully transcribed and verified
Names of the song's composers, lyricists, and YouTube performers, with links to their articles in Wikipedia
Links to information about the song, its origin, etc., often quite extensive
One or more images related to the song.
As you move around the site, don't overlook your browser's Back and Forward buttons. They are often the easiest way to get where you want to go. Also, depending on your browser, you can usually use CTRL F to search for a word or phrase on the current page.
From this page you can also...
Play the Top 100 Songs from special YouTube playlists. Play the songs in sequence,
 shuffled, or by individual selection. Each playlist gives an hour or so of good listening:
Get a list of the songs printable & downloadable, by rank & alphabetically
Download all the lyrics in a 116-page PDF file
Resize this app for small tablets (Kindles, iPad minis, etc.)
Please enjoy this wonderful music. While you are listening to a song, you can simultaneously see its lyrics and link to the other information about it. Cool, eh? Cowboy ingenuity at work!
Skip Skipson
Governors Ranch, Colorado
June 30, 2015
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