About Skip...

As most readers know, Skip Skipson is one of North America's foremost rodeo performers, and the Anglo World Champion in his event. Along with sidekicks Sue Egeneris and Gail Opagos, Skip has thrilled audiences from south Texas to northern Wyoming and beyond... anywhere that rodeos are held and loved. Hours-long videos of his rides are seen on YouTube, Vimeo, and countless personal devices. Occasional appearances in New York City have not only widened his personal fame, but have brought the thrills of his kind of rodeo to places not usually associated with the sport.

His sustainable breeding program has led to vast improvement in the bloodlines of the animals used in his event, inspiring conservationists to praise his efforts and earning awards for his multitalented breeder, stockperson, and wrangler,"Tortoise Genny".

Working from the Operations Center at his ranch in Hardeman County, Texas, Skip Skipson is a superhero legend in his nontraditional event.

How it Began...

It all started when Skip, at age 72, attended a PRCA rodeo in Longmont, Colorado. It was love at first sight when he saw the bull riding event—he vowed to do whatever it took to become a participant.

After the rodeo, Skip grabbed Gail and Sue, and the three drove north to PRCA headquarters in Colorado Springs. Skip's excitement affected his driving, and Sue had to restrain him lest he'd weave right off of I-25! The group camped out on the PRCA doorstep. When the doors opened in the morning, Skip rushed into the building, asking how he could become a professional bull rider.

See the whole story, told in Skip's own words, in the video immediately below:

Birth of a Cowboy (3:37)

More about Skip's event...

About My Event (3:38)

Skip's brand...

Skip maintains a state-of-the-art Operations Center at his rancho y poca cabina in the North Texas cowboy country. "Lazy S", of course, is an iconic Texas cattle brand; the "OB" refers to the Oklahoma Border, just a stone's throw from the ranch. Some have asked if the brand refers to Skip himself. Skip finds this question offensive, since nothing could be further from the truth!

About My Brand (1:54)

Skip's friends and supporting cast...

Willie Nelson (1:10)

Sue Egeneris (2:50)

Tortoise Genny (2:26)

The hazards of rodeo...

Safety Aspects (4:13)

Injuries (2:45)

Remedial Training (1:14)

Galápagos Fever (2:09)

Warning! – Graphic Content (2:36)

Skip in the Galápagos...

In the Galápagos (1:29)

Skip's artistic side...

Skip Skipson – Singer/Songwriter (1:04)

Skip's mysterious ancestry...

Otherworldly? (2:21)


Skip Skipson
Governors Ranch, Colorado

Skip Skipson


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